Alien Artifact

The Artifact.

The "Artifact" is a special object in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Appearance Edit

The Artifact consists of several separate yet joined objects in a similar style to the structure itself. The Artifact can be seen emitting a light blue/green haze and a quiet humming sound that gets stronger as the player gets closer to the Artifact.


Unearthly Excavation, the only level where the Artifact appears, contains a large (presumably alien) "structure" composed of several blue-green segments behind the second locked gate. The Artifact can be found on a pedestal in the center of this structure.


The structure containing the Artifact.

Effects Edit

According to documents found in Unearthly Excavation, it appears this Artifact and/or the structure it was found on caused employees of the facility to become insane and murder each other in a somewhat ritualistic manner. This is further shown when the Artifact causes the player to move to the nearest Pit Monster when held.

The third person appearance of a player's skin will steadily turn a sickly shade of green, and their eyes will turn red the longer the Artifact is held. This mimics the appearance of some of the dead workers found in Unearthly Excavation. They will soon however return to normal after dropping the Artifact.


When picked up by the player, the Artifact will begin "pulsating" in seemingly irregular patterns, and start to pull the player towards the nearest Pit Monster. This effect intensifies the closer the player is to the Pit Monster, even at times making the player jump. The player will also still be affected by the device for a short period after dropping it, the duration of which depends on how long the Artifact was held by the player.

Interestingly, the player will still be pulled towards the Pit Monster, even when separated by a wall, as seen if the player picks up the Artifact in it's original resting location. The player will also still be pulled towards the Pit Monster, even if it has been completely filled with sand.

When taken to The Office, the Artifact will simply pull the player in random directions, as no Pit Monster is present. It can be assumed that this will also apply to any other level the Artifact is brought to with the Janitor's Trunk.

Players are immune to this effect while using several Developer Console cheats, such as "ghost" or "fly".


The Artifact must be removed from the level in order to obtain a perfect score upon punching out.