Toilet and seat

Two Big John Human Waste Receptacles as seen in Revolutionary Robotics, one static and the other movable.

Big John Human Waste Receptacles (often just referred to as "toilet") are a brand of toilet found in certain levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail.

They are most often only used for decorative purposes, but in the case of Evil Science and Revolutionary Robotics, can contain water allowing the player to wash their Mop. These versions will behave much like a normal bucket from the Slosh-O-Matic, allowing it to become contaminated and unusable for cleaning eventually. Water-filled toilets cannot be moved, and appear as static floor and wall mounted props.


Vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the several machines and objects, including the Big John Human Waste Receptacle, similarly to the Slosh-O-Matic when it is to dispense human remains.

Reading the advertisement, it is revealed that the company manufacturing the toilet is Big John Industries, and that it was to operate on a keypad system, among other information. The advertisement reads as follows:



Big John Industries
Big John Human-Waste Receptacles!
When it comes to human waste, we know it inside and out. That's why our Receptacles are second to none!
With state of the art keypad control and dual tank flow, the new yet classic Big John look is a true champion.
With a wide range of Receptacle sizes, no man or beast is uncatered for, now any state of wealth. Your cheeks deserve a luxury throne!


  • Jumping while standing on a toilet produces a splash sound.
  • Bloody toilets cannot be cleaned, and do not count against level completion.
  • Originally, the developers intended toilets to be flushable. They would have been a way to dispose of limbs or other small viscera, occasionally becoming clogged. Once clogged, repeated flushing would cause the level's plumbing to burst, spraying mess everywhere.[1]



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