Broom viewmodel

The broom's viewmodel.

The broom is a tool present in every level of Viscera Cleanup Detail. Much like the shovel, picking up the broom will cause the tool to permanently occupy the fourth slot of the player's inventory. Any brooms picked up after this will behave as normal objects. However, if the player is to pick up the shovel while the broom is in their inventory, the player will drop the broom and replace it with the shovel, which can also then be found in the fourth slot of the player's inventory.

The broom itself appears as a long yellow rod with black grips, connecting to a yellow flexible head with a large green brush. The text "ERASER Custodial Tools" appears near the base of the brush.



Broom worldmodel

The broom's worldmodel.

The broom is essentially a less powerful version of the mop in several ways. Using the primary trigger (left-click by default) will cause the player to "sweep" the area in front of them, gently nudging objects in the area around the broom. Using this, the player is able to sweep small objects into areas more convenient for collection (it should be noted that while the same can be done with the mop, the broom is far less powerful and can be used to better control where objects are swept to). Using the secondary trigger (right-click by default) will cause the player to hit the area in front of them in an identical manner to the mop, but with more force - such swings can sometimes be used to dislodge items stuck in level geometry. Additionally, when a corpse is repeatedly struck by the broom's secondary trigger, it will disappear.

Also like the mop, the broom can be used to clean up various messes. However, it does so very poorly, with a single spill taking several swipes to clean, whereas the mop often takes fewer than three swipes to clean any given mess. The broom will also become dirty at a much faster rate relative to how well it can clean. A dirty broom can be cleaned using the same method as a dirty mop.

Special Use

  • The broom can be used to light single or bundled TNT sticks in Santa's Rampage. By repeated left-clicking with the broom on dynamite on the floor, its fuse will become lit and eventually explode.
  • In v1.10, a new feature was added for the broom in the level Core Sample. It can be dispensed by the Vendor, and can be used to sweep up crystal dust piles and form them back into small crystals that can be picked up with the hands.