Blank ED

A blank electronic document with a light-blue background.

An electronic document (often seen used as either a data log, mission log or Personal Data Assistant) is a digital version of the more traditional paper document. It can be found in most levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail, and brought to the Office with the Janitor's Trunk.


Electronic documents appear as thin, compact screens with rounded corners with a grey back and five buttons either grey or light green coloured, fixed to a small rectangle on its base. The electronic document's screen will always display the type of electronic document (data log or mission log), the date in day/month/year format and the time in the GST time zone, the author's name and profession, the location, and "class."

Data log Edit

Cryonenesis Half-Life reference

A data log found in Cryogenesis referencing the video game series, Half-Life.

Data logs often display an employee's personal opinion on their current predicament. They also often hint at what may have caused the disaster seen in the level they are found.

Data logs are also often "tied together," with authors writing their opinions about authors of other data logs also found within the level. This helps to add a consistent plot to the otherwise unconnected environments of Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Mission log Edit

Missionbriefing found in Evil Science-0

A mission briefing log found in Evil Science.

Mission logs are often used to depict a military squadron's orders and opinions when sent to deal with whatever disaster may have occurred within the level.

They will always contain a primary objective (often along the lines of 'secure the facility' or 'push back any alien presence'), a secondary objective (often along the lines of 'make a mess of the facility' and 'shoot everything'), and a brief opinion given by a soldier.

Personal Data Assistant (PDA) Edit

Main article: Personal Data Assistant

The PDA is the Player's version of an Electronic Document. It allows the player to take notes during a level.


  • Electronic documents in Waste Disposal and Hydroponic Hell feature messages from characters who speak languages other than English.
    • An Electronic Document located on the top floor of Hydroponic Hell contains the Spanish sentence "Recortar las coberturas con el fuego!", with an English translation included.