Evil Science is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level BriefingsEdit


Given the nature of the work carried out within this facility, your absolute discretion is paramount.

Federation representatives will be arriving in a week, and it is imperative that the facility be clean and organized before said time.
Failure to perform your duties within company protocol, and on time, will result in immediate termination.

You are most assuredly an expendable piece within our organisation, so it is in your best interest to conduct yourself admirably.

Be absolutely certain the facility is clean, hygienic, and in working order.
And remember; discretion is the better part of employment.

Respawn BriefEdit

As per your contract, you are to perform your assigned duties efficiently and with absolute discretion.

We are only hiring you for this job in a temporary capacity, you are to stand in for a...dismissed colleague.

Work swifty and avoid eye contact with your fellow workmen for any length of time.


The map consists of a wide, curved central corridor, which branches off into three medium-sized rooms. At the end of the main corridor is an elevator leading to an upper floor, comprised of a smaller central area with a bathroom and sick-bay area connected via short corridors. The door to the sick-bay requires an access code to unlock.

Original Map Source
VCD2 - wiki - Evil Science - FF

First Floor

VCD2 - wiki - Evil Science - SF

Second Floor

Map Key

Equipment Edit

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Stack cryogenic canisters in the designated area.
  • Stack crates in the designated area.
    • Only white/green medical crates count in this area. All other crates and boxes can be ignored.
  • Stack Wet Floor Signs in the designated area.
    • The number specified in the level editor for maximum bonus points is 8, but in practice, up to 16 may be stacked for bonus points.
  • Find all 11 Personal Identification Devices, bring them to the Punchomatic, and fill out reports.

Incident ReportEdit

Please see the "Punchomatic Cheat Sheet" located at:

Data LogsEdit

Date: 27/02/2184
Time: 02:19 GST
Identification: Dr. E. Phil
Title: Head of Genetics

I am most certainly pleased with the progress we have made in recent months.

The DNA harvested from the captured alien creatures has allowed our creation to truly blossom into a vessel of unprecedented strength and malice. With further treatments, I'm certain we can realign the creatures mental capacity as we need..

And on a final note; who is responsible for the continued theft of my gloomberry doughnuts!?

Date: 10/04/2184
Time: 14:23 GST
Identification: Herr Dr. Mord
Title: Chief Surgeon/Director

The results are more than I could have ever hoped for!

My creation is showing a greatly increased pain threshold and soon he will be my crowning achievement; ultimate proof that I was right!

This is the critical phase of the experiment, one I cannot afford to get wrong.

His siblings grow restless now, I must tend to them...

Date: 03/05/2184
Time: 11:48 GST
Identification: Sgt. Jack Hammer
Title: Ultimate Badass

Primary Objective:
Eliminate the crazed Dr. Mord

Secondary Objective:
Make a big fucking mess.
This area of the medical facility is where Dr. Mord and his associates created the mutant hybrids. Find and eliminate the mad doctor and all his creations.

Notes GalleryEdit

Bob's NoteEdit

Bob's note can be found on top of a crate in the sick bay, behind the locked door on the 2nd floor.

Bob 01/02/2184
Junior Executive Janitor
I've managed to breach security protocols and avoid personel.

My secret has been discovered, and as a result I am in deep trouble.
I was forced to hit Ottis with my mop when he came for me, now I'm on the run.

The things I've seen in this facility, God help us...
The sooner I get out of here the better. If anyone finds me, I might be their next victim.

I plan to make for the Cryogenic labs and hopefully sneak through undetected.

They must never find me!

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The door code for the sick bay on the second floor is 2199. This is a reference to the movie The Matrix[1]
  • The words "Save us" are written on the wall in "The Ward"  on the first floor.
  • A digital notice board attempts to excuse the blood near the elevator as the result of a service technician cutting his finger on a screwdriver.
  • This level contains several toilets filled with fresh water, which can be used to clean the player's mop. However, they will eventually dirty like normal buckets.
  • The player will need to stack objects or use the J-HARM to reach stains and viscera above the duct work on the second floor, and to clean the large "pocket" in the wall on the far side of the Incinerator room.
  • Evil-Science Switch

    The switch that releases toxic gas

    A switch on the wall near the Incinerator releases a puff of toxic, green gas into each of three holding cells on the opposite side of the room, and three alcoves adjacent to that. This gas is one of the few things in the game capable of killing players, and was the first fatal feature to be intentionally added to the game.[2]
  • A switch in the "Operating Room" on the first floor activates the sawblade over the chair. It will continue to spin until the switch is used again. It will disintegrate the alien corpse that is below it at the start of the level, but will not destroy any objects afterwards.
  • It is possible to open the doors to the second floor elevator shaft just as the elevator is leaving for the lower floor. Using this method, players can toss items into the open elevator shaft as a means to remove items in bulk from the upper floor, rather than one elevator trip at a time.
  • Evil-Science BlueSlipperyStuff

    The light-blue liquid

    Prior to the v0.29 update, Evil Science had uncleanable patches of light-blue, slippery liquid on the main corridor floor to impede the player's efforts.
  • There is no function for the pizza slicer other than comic relief. The tool is also found in the level Caduceus.

Alien ReferencesEdit

  • A "Facehugger" (from the Alien franchise) can be found inside a ceiling air duct on the second floor sick-bay. Being a collectible, it is not detected by the Sniffer and does not have to be removed from the level to obtain a perfect score. Before collectibles were added to the game, the air duct instead contained a bloody arm.
  • All data logs in Evil Science contain the text "Special Order: 937" and "Interface: 2037". In "Alien", Order 937 was the classified directive to preserve the alien specimen at all cost, and Interface 2037 (also known as "Mother") was the ship's computer system's interface between itself and the crew.[3]

Dead Space ReferencesEdit

  • The PID on the floor below the corpse in the upstairs sick bay contains the name "Cpt. Mathius". This is a reference to Benjamin Mathius from the Dead Space video games, who was also (not coincidentally) killed by a needle to the eye.[4]

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