Note: this article covers both First Aid Supplies and the First Aid Station.

First Aid Supplies in case

An open, resupplied first aid station.

First Aid Supply case full

A closed, resupplied first aid station.

First aid supplies are special objects to be placed in first aid stations in Viscera Cleanup Detail. All first aid stations must be restocked with First Aid Supplies and closed before punching out of a level to obtain a perfect score.

VCD Tutorial- Restocking Medical Supply Stations

VCD Tutorial- Restocking Medical Supply Stations

A video tutorial of restocking the First Aid Station by Smidge204.

Appearances Edit

First aid supplies Edit

First aid supplies appear as a fairly large, grey base covered with various smaller medical objects. Other objects include a large, green roll of gauze marked "N-TOV" in red letters, four brown vials, a large syringe filled with red, glowing liquid, and some kind of tool with a light-blue handle and two large needles on its end.

First aid stations Edit

The first aid station itself appears as a large, wall-mounted white box with flat edges and corners. Its lid is marked with four small lights (which will alternate red if empty and green if full), a green version of the medical cross and Caduceus symbol, the text "N-TOV" written in red letters, and below that, the text "Medical Unit" written in smaller, black letters. The first aid station also has a small strip on either of its sides which alternate between green when full and red when empty. Similarly, the interior of the first aid station contains a large circuit-board like pattern which also alternates between green when full and red when empty.

First Aid Supply case empty

An empty, but closed first aid station.

Usage Edit

To open the First Aid Station, the player must select the hand tool, mouse over the device's lid, and use the primary trigger (left-click by default). Then, with First aid supplies in hand, left-click to correctly orient the supplies, position the supplies in the center of the first aid station, and right-click to place the supplies in the station. When released, if in the correct position, the supplies will "snap" into place, with all lights on the first aid station turning green as a result. After this, the player must mouse over the open lid and use the primary trigger, which will then close the lid. This refills a First Aid Station.


  • If the lid is not obstructed by any object, it will then open to about a 115° angle. The player may then pick up the first aid supplies and place it directly into the open station.
  • First Aid Station lids are easily and accidentally opened by simply touching them with objects or walking into them.