The hands (also known as the player's hands or the gloves) are one of the three primary cleaning devices in Viscera Cleanup Detail

Glove Viewmodel

The hands' viewmodel.


The hands can be selected by either scrolling with the mouse wheel, by pressing "2" on the keyboard, or Dpad down on a controller (however this can be changed in the options menu).

Glove Worldmodel

A single glove.

The hands are used to pick up and otherwise interact with objects such as body parts, shell casings, or nearly any other movable object. The hands can also activate machines such as the Slosh-O-Matic and What A Load Disposal Bins machine. To pick up an object, the player must look directly at the desired object, so that a transparent, light-yellow halo surrounds the object (although this feature may be deactivated in the options menu), then use the primary trigger (left-click by default). Once the object is picked up, it can be straightened by pressing the primary trigger again (the object always straightens to a single cardinal direction), or be dropped by using the secondary trigger (right-click by default).

Players can also hold the primary trigger (left-click by default) and move the mouse to rotate a held object, which can be useful for stacking certain objects or fitting objects into bins or the Janitor's Trunk.

Holding the primary trigger (left-click by default) will also "activate" certain objects, such as the Lantern, Solar Flare, or Mining Explosive. Lanterns can also be deactivated once again by repeating this task.

As of version 0.38, all bins and buckets straighten gradually rather than suddenly like other objects, minimizing the risk of spilling objects contained within them while doing so.

The hands can also interact with computer terminals, such as Keypads in Viscera Cleanup Detail. The player must simply look at said terminal, and a glove-shaped cursor will appear on the screen. Then, position the cursor over the desired action the player wishes to commence, and use the primary trigger. This can be used to open doors and activate vendors, among other devices.

The hands are also necessary to pick up tools such as the Shovel, the Laser Welder, or any other special tool one may see in a level.

Picking up large amounts of various viscera may eventually cover the player's hands in blood. The colour of which depends on the objects picked up. Although this in no way changes the functionality of the hands or other objects and tools, stains will eventually disappear during normal activity, assuming the player does not pick up further large amounts of viscera.