An illuminated lantern

The lantern is an object in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

The lantern itself is a medium-sized cylindrical object with a large white band wrapping around its center, surrounded by a red metal casing. When picked up from a Vendor, the lantern will become activated, and this area will begin to emit a bright, slightly-flickering, white light in all directions, illuminating the immediate vicinity around it.

The lantern can be toggled on or off by holding down the primary trigger (left-click by default) for about 2 seconds while holding the lantern. Prior to version 0.44, once activated, the lantern could not be deactivated in any way, with the exception of breaking it.


A broken lantern

The lantern can be extremely useful in certain levels, in which a player may be required to illuminate dark passageways to view spills and other messes too dark to see otherwise.

If the lantern undergoes a high-enough impact or is placed into water, it will "break," rendering it useless and covering the surrounding area in soot, much the same as when the Laser Welder is used for long periods of time.

Almost all Vendors dispense lanterns.



Lantern advertisement

There is a small chance that a vendor will dispense an advertisement for the lantern instead of the requested item. The advertisement reads as follows:

Skywalker Technologies
The Tri-Fusion Powered Lantern!
Positively pulsating with power, the new Tri-Fusion lantern by Skywalker Technologies features increased brightness and longevity.
Now with %12 less conflegration capability, it's safer than ever!
Order now to qualify for accidental extermination cover!

Trivia Edit

The manufacturer of the Lantern, Skywalker Technologies is an obvious reference to Luke Skywalker from the "Star Wars" movies.