For TNT or dynamite sticks, see Santa's Rampage

A mining explosive (also occasionally known as dynamite) is a special object found in Viscera Cleanup Detail. Although it does not appear in every level, it can be moved to the Office and brought to other levels using the Janitor's Trunk.

Appearance Edit

Somewhat similar to dynamite in real life, a mining explosive in Viscera Cleanup Detail consists of three long, red triangle-shaped bars with flat corners, held together by a band with a number pad and screen displaying the words 'standby' and 'device active' on one side, and the explosive symbol on the other. From the band, several wires colored either blue, red, or yellow can be seen connecting the band to each explosive stick.

The mining explosive also displays the number "08008" on all of its sides for an unknown reason.

Usage Edit

The mining explosive can be detonated with the Incinerator, the Laser Welder, the Supernova version of the Big Banger Radio, by touching a flare to it, or by hitting it with the Shovel. It can also be activated by holding the primary trigger (left-click by default) while holding the object.

A Cautionary NoteEdit

Mining Explosives do not need to be removed by the player to successfully complete a level, and mining explosives can be considered more of a hazard for players careless with the Laser Welder.

If the Mining Explosive is shot, or is near to another object being hit with the Laser Welder, it will begin to spark and "fizz". Once this occurs, there are exactly four seconds before the device detonates.

Upon detonation, any nearby players will be killed by the explosion, and any items in the area are knocked over or flung about.

An explosion from the mining explosive will also cover the immediate vicinity in soot, (About 5-6 patches of soot by default) that the player/s will need to clean in order to complete the level successfully.

If the player wishes to dispose of mining explosives without detonating them, they can be placed in a bucket of water (dirty or clean) before being placed in the incinerator.