The Red Keycard


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The Red Keycard is a special collectible in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

The Red Keycard is modeled off of the Red Keycard found in the video game franchise, Doom and is nearly identical in shape and layout.

Obtaining the Red Keycard Edit

The Red Keycard can be found in a hidden room towards the back of Unearthly Excavation, through a set of two gates past the room with the incinerator. This is the same room containing Bob's remains.


The Red Keycard as seen originally in Doom.

To access this area, players must obtain nine of Bob's notes (not including the three found within the secret room). Two of these notes can be found in Keypad-protected rooms in The Office, six can be found in various levels (a full list can be found here), and one in Unearthly Excavation.

Once every note has been obtained, players must transfer these notes to Unearthly Excavation via the Janitor's Trunk and place them on the alien pedestal (the same pedestal that housed the alien artifact upon entering the level). Once all notes are on the pedestal, players will hear a grinding noise of the gates opening, where they can then proceed to obtain the Red Keycard. Once opened, these gates cannot be closed.

Usage Edit


Aside from counting as a Collectible, the Red Keycard's main purpose is to open a secret gate that can be found in Bob's "collection room" in the back of The Office. Players must simply press the Red Keycard against the keypad panel to open the gate. Doing so will not affect the Red Keycard in any way, meaning players will still be able to use it as any other object.