The Report Screen.

The Report Screen is a large display screen located in the main room of The Office in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Usage Edit

The Report Screen simply appears as a large metal-bordered dark blue screen. A large "arm" ending in a small camera can be seen on its top left corner, while a small dial pad can be seen towards the bottom right side of the device connected to two red and green wires connecting to an outlet. Underneath a title reading "Work-Notice and Conduct Report; WNCR2" a list of previously completed incident report forms can be found.

Players can use the Report Screen in an identical manner to every other screen in Viscera Cleanup Detail; simply select the Hands tool ("1" by default) and aim at the screen. Players can then select options on the screen by "using" them with the Hands (left-click by default). Clicking on the "X" button to the left of a report will delete it from the Report Screen if needed. A scroll bar is also visible to the right of the screen if players gain more incident report forms than can appear on the screen at one time. Clicking on the incident report will show the corresponding incident report and the player's score and time taken on that level.

Report Screens will also display the player's score and time taken automatically immediately after punching out of a level.

Trivia Edit


Tetris Mini-Game

  • The Report Screen's model was used in several other levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail, such as Cryogenesis or Evil Science long before the Report Screen itself was implemented.
    • Even prior to the addition of the Report Screen, these models would still cause the Hands to play their "button press" animation if used on the screen.
  • There is a small icon at the top left of the Report Screen that looks like Tetris pieces. Clicking on it will open a game of Tetris on the Report Screen. Pieces can be moved by clicking the left and right sides of the screen or the arrows, clicking in the middle rotates the pieces, and clicking the bottom of the screen drops the piece.