“Keeping The Arctic White”
—Polar Sanitation Inc.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage is a Christmas-themed expansion of Viscera Cleanup Detail. The level is medium-sized compared to most VCD maps. The player's role is to sanitize the workshop by removing the usual viscera and blood stains, along with elf bodies, reindeer parts, whiskey bottles, and many other level-specific objects.


Santa banner

The Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage banner.

Various notes and letters addressed to Santa can be found in the workshop and office. Collectively, they imply that prior to the player's role in Santa's Rampage, Santa Claus had been under large amounts of stress from unpaid bills, outrageous requests from children, elf union strikes, a note from his brother Krampus asking for bail money, and even threats. Santa subsequently snapped under the pressure, purchasing several crates of 12-gauge shotgun rounds, steak knives, and dynamite sticks, and fashioning several makeshift molotov cocktails (likely under the influence of alcohol). Santa then went on a murder spree, mutilating several elves and reindeer, and destroyed parts of his workshop in the process. He left the scene through unknown means.

After these events, the company "Polar Sanitation Co." employed the player and sent them to clean the workshop, where the player's role in Santa's Rampage begins.

Level Briefings


The tragic events that unfolded at this workshop must in no way deter you from performing your duties in a manner befitting the company's reputation.
Your work here entails cleaning up the horrific aftermath of Mr Claus' unfortunate breakdown.
This includes the obvious slaughter and any broken items and so forth.

Please conduct yourself appropriately, as this assignment will reflect upon your permanent record.
Fail to follow company guidelines and regulations, and you may find yourself without a job.

Once your assignment is complete, the corporation will take ownership of the workshop and any remaining items and employees.

Respawn Brief

The careless work ethic of your predecessor led to their death, shaming the company!
We require that you as a substitute fill this opening immediately.
Perform your duties in accordance with the company guidelines and regulations, or be replaced.

Your performance will be evaluated at the end of the work day, and if it is satisfactory, you may be considered for promotion to acting Hygiene Technician and a marginal salary increase.

The company cannot afford yet another workplace safety lawsuit, so work responsibly and safely!


Original Map Source
VCD Santa wiki - Main VCD Santa wiki - Annex Map Key


Differences from Viscera Cleanup Detail

DLC-Santa Fireplace

The fireplace


  • There is no Incinerator in the map. Instead, there is a large fireplace. Unlike the incinerator, the fireplace can accumulate various messes. After disposing of body parts in the fireplace, the interior must be cleaned.
  • Santa lantern

    Santa's Rampage lantern model

    The player's gloves have been modified to appear red with white stripes.
  • DLC-Santa Ice-Cold-Banger

    The Ice-Cold Banger

    Lantern models have been changed to appear as small, four-sided boxes instead of cylinders. The light they produce is yellow (instead of the standard blue from regular VCD lanterns) and they flicker every so often. Other than cosmetic differences however, the lanterns function the same way, and may still leave scorch marks if dropped or knocked against objects. The broken box lantern appears no different than its "off" mode.
  • Santa's Rampage includes a new skin of the Big Banger Radio called the Ice-Cold Banger. It appears red with a Christmas theme and Christmas-style songs. The radio is on by default.
  • Santa's Rampage does not contain any equivalent tool to the J-HARM, meaning that any items too high to reach can only be removed by stacking other objects on top of each other.


  • The Slosh-O-Matic will occasionally dispense lit dynamite, which must immediately be submerged in water. For this reason it is recommended to keep a separate bucket of water beside the dispenser at all times. One bucket of water, even a dirty one, can quench several sticks of dynamite. A bucket full of dynamite sticks can still be used to clean the mop or broom.

Primary Objectives

In addition to the usual objectives of cleaning up all mess and disposing of trash, Santa's Rampage requires the following to perfectly clean it:

  • Destroy all knives, even though the Sniffer does not detect them as Trash.
  • Avoid destroying Christmas items, unless attempting to earn achievements. Christmas items are: ball ornaments, candles, candy canes, present boxes, figurines, toy guns, and Santa hats.[1]
  • Dispose of TNT, dynamite sticks, and molotov cocktails. To avoid igniting them in the fireplace, they must be placed in buckets of water first.

Secondary Objectives

  • Find all 33 Personal Identification Devices, place them into the Punchomatic, then fill out reports. In most VCD levels, PID first and last names are randomized. However in Santa's Rampage, the individual PID names are not randomized.
    • Unfortunately, as of v1.092, when loading a saved game through the standalone version, a bug causes the names on untouched PIDs to become randomized.

Incident Report

Please see the "Punchomatic Cheat Sheet" located at:

Notes Gallery


The Santa's Rampage achievements "Rooks Kept,", "Ballistic Weaponry", "The Nose Knows", and "St. Nick's Boomstick" are all connected to objects which must be found and taken back to the office. There are 4 different Rooks Keep figurines, and 6 different toy guns, as seen in the screenshots below.

Santa's shotgun is located to the left of a wooden filing cabinet in his office. Rudolf's red nose can be found in the end stall on the right in the stables. Note: This collectable does create blood splatters.

Bookshelf books


The bookshelves in Santa's Rampage contain a variety of humorous titles, which further outline Santa's descent into madness.

Bookshelf Books
  • Critical Thinking, the evil among us by Rev. Ben Dover
  • Kicking Balls - a foot-to-baller's tale by Ronaldo Sanchez
  • Elvish Workers: The Operators Manual
  • A Tall Order: how to deal with Elves by Johnny Bigot & Francis Petty
  • Reindeer Husbandry by Anna Mills
  • Implausible Sled Physics
  • Warbattle: A heroic tale of men overcoming adversity by shooting at it.
  • The Revenge of Cpt. GroBreich by Hans Horst
  • Think Positive: you're screwed anyway! by Jacky O'Jerkoff, PhD.
  • Rags Are Riches! by Lord Ivory Goldheir McMoneyPockets
  • Kick Their Ass & Take Their Cash by Ronald Turnip
  • Retail Economics 101: Getting the Most out of Christmas by William B. Oaring
  • The Laws of Physics - Legal Loopholes Thereof
  • Shoot It! - A Modern Guide to Firearm Handling.
  • Histories 20 Deadliest Moustaches
  • A Guide to World Religions: Which one is the best one?
  • Darwinism 101 by Sir Odwin Edgecomb
  • How To Read The Bible by Pastor Bill Senior Snr.
  • How to Play the Glockenspiel - Beginner to Advanced
  • Taxidermy For Dorks by Epworth T Slotlock
  • 173 Hilarious Ways to Avoid Tax by Gideon & Muriel Kidkill
  • Postal Service: How To Deal With Stress Before It's Too Late
  • Makin' Da Big Cheese In Da Game by Big-Dawg P
  • Beard Care - At sub-zero Temperatures
  • Alimony Horror Stories by Curtis Bassturd
  • Contemplative 17th Century Poetry by Lord Jenkins N. Sipids
  • Reindeer Hoof & Antler Care by A. S. Peecock
  • Little Matter - Getting The Most Out Of Your Elves by Reginald Corkley Puddingcrotch
  • Marine Corps 15 Most Brutal Trousers - Author: Classified
  • The Mega-Great Definitive Guide to: DIY Dentistry by Dr. Rip Hartless
  • Ooh, What's That Stench!? - How To Keep Your Reindeer Stalls Clean
  • Weight-loss Secrets of the Super-Roch by Chubbs McPherson
  • Responsible Flamethrower Ownership by Pvt. "Crazy 9" Buchanan
  • 1001 Hardcore Navy Exercises by RDML. Bing Hardbottom
  • Mein Ringen
  • Arachnid Boy Volumes 1 - 12

Tips and Trivia

  • The level contains several dynamite sticks, which function much like the mining explosives found in Unearthly Excavation, Frostbite and Penumbra. Lit dynamite will explode after a few seconds, destroying and knocking over any items in the vicinity of the blast, covering the area in soot, and killing the player if they are within range.
    • The broom can be used to light single or bundled dynamite sticks in Santa's Rampage. By repeated left-clicking with the broom on dynamite on the floor, its fuse will become lit and eventually explode.
  • When ignited then broken, molotov cocktails will produce soot in a similar fashion to an overheating Laser Welder.
  • DLC-Santa BinofBaubles

    A bin full of baubles

    When broken, colored Christmas baubles will leave a small splat the same color as the bulb, which must be removed in order to successfully complete the level. Stepping on the splat will dirty the player's boots, but will only cause them to track one footprint.
  • Several bottles of eggnog can be found scattered about the level, which must be removed in order to successfully complete the level. When broken, they will produce a large white splat.
    • It is interesting to note that upon zooming in on the molotov cocktail bottle, a reflection can be seen that looks very similar to the level Evil Science.
  • There is a "hidden cache" of dead elves under some removable floorboards in the loft.
  • Prior to the DLC being merged into the base game, there was no Office to punch out to, yet the level still contained the Janitor's trunk. The DLC now takes the player to the Office on punch-out, which means toys and other Santa-related trophies may be brought back to the player's regular office. The standalone DLC also now has its own unique (and significantly smaller) office.
  • The Punchomatic used to display different messages and images before the merge update. It also displayed the contents of the Janitor's trunk on its selection screen, and did not allow the player to truly finish a level until there was absolutely no mess or prohibited objects remaining, such as glass bottles.
  • FunkNinja

    The older "Ninja Funk" radio

    Also prior to the merge, The Ice-Cold Banger did not exist. It was instead a small radio with the words "Ninja Funk" on the front. It appeared as a purple radio with a katana as an antenna. The Ninja Funk Radio had no settings to change its volume or start/stop songs. It cycled through the level's songs automatically.
  • Alien figurine

    Alien figurine

    The four types of collectible figurines in the level are based on characters from Rooks Keep, another game developed by RuneStorm. One of the figurines closely resembles the alien specimens found in Cryogenesis.
  • There are exactly 7 severed elf heads to be found in the workshop.
  • Santa Desert Painting

    The desert painting

    In the main room to the left of the hole blasted in the wall, the player can find a picture of a desert (it looks very different from other paintings in the level). When repeatedly hit with the mop or broom (using either the primary trigger [left-click by default] and the secondary trigger [right-click by default]), the painting will dispense a coloured Christmas bauble on every other hit. There is no limit to how many baubles the player can produce this way.
  • The walls in Santa's workshop are covered with a wide array of framed pictures, including images of cats, firearms, people in decorative suits of armor, medieval landscapes and architecture, and landscapes taken from Rooks Keep.
  • There is a framed Rook's Keep poster in Santa's Office that spawns TNT and molotov cocktails when hit repeatedly with the mop.
  • In the standalone version of the game, there is a small shed outside The Office which can only be visited by using the ghost console command.


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