Upright flare

A lit solar flare.

A solar flare (or simply flare) is a special object in Viscera Cleanup Detail. In real life, a solar flare is a large magnetic event in which a star ejects a large volume of ionized plasma. In Viscera Cleanup Detail, "solar flare" simply refers to a brand of flares.

Solar flares can generally be found scattered around levels, or dispensed by Vendors. Like the Lantern, the sole purpose of the solar flare is to illuminate dark areas of a level to aid in the cleaning of that area.

Solar flares can be lit with the Incinerator, Laser Welder, and other lit flares, by hitting the tip against a solid surface such as a wall or the floor, or most efficiently by simply holding the primary trigger (left-click by default) for about 2 seconds while holding the flare. Once lit, the solar flare will burn for approximately one and a half minutes, creating a flickering red light and a cloud of smoke. A lit solar flare is brighter than a lit lantern, however, unlike the lantern, will burn out eventually, and will then be rendered useless.

Trivia Edit

  • Reading the side of the solar flare up close, the following text can be spotted:
    • Solar flares
    • Caution!
    • 1010955-::DA#
  • If a lit solar flare is placed into water, it will become permanently inactive.
  • Solar flares can destroy smaller items such as paper documents or pop cans, and also detonate Mining Explosives upon contact.
    • Throwing a lit flare into a Disposal Bin will incinerate all paper trash in the bin, making room for more items.
  • Unused Solar flares, like the Lanterns, do not need to be removed from a level in order to successfully complete the level. However, used solar flares are detected by the Sniffer as trash, and as a result must be removed from the level in order to obtain a perfect score.



The ad for the solar flare.

The Vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the several items and objects, including the solar flare, similarly to the Slosh-O-Matic when it is to dispense human remains. Reading the advertisement, it is revealed that the Solar Flare is powered by "ionized adronium phosphorous," and the company manufacturing the solar flare is known as Solaris Pheonix GC (the spelling of "Pheonix" may have been a mistake. The correct version of the word is "Phoenix"), among other information. The advertisement reads as follows:

"Solaris Pheonix GC

The enlightening new Solar Flare!

If it's light you want, look no further than the new Solar® Flare!

With the new ionized adronium phosphorous, its brightness rivals that of the recent Sirius supernova event!

There's no place where the sun won't shine!

Available in singles and bulk."