Trash refers to inorganic items in Viscera Cleanup Detail that must be disposed of to obtain a perfect score. Trash can be detected using the right (green) side of the Sniffer. Trash can be incinerated, destroyed with the Laser Welder, or placed in the Janitor's Trunk to remove it from a level.

Bloatenstein BeerEdit


Bloatenstein Beer is a brown bottle with a blue label containing the words "Bloatenstein Beer" in red letters. The label also contains the text "Aretmis 9's Finest Beer" and "Since 2076".

Bloody BriefcaseEdit


The bloody briefcase is a gray briefcase containing blood stains. It can be found in Revolutionary Robotics and Uprinsing. One special bloody briefcase can also be found in Shadow Warrior.

Chinese Takeout ContainerEdit


The Chinese Takeout Container is a tapered cardboard box of the sort used for takeout orders from Chinese restaurants. It is a white paper container with flaps and a Chinese logogram on it.

Chinest takeout containers will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder.

Crumpled PaperEdit


Crumpled paper is a piece of crumpled white paper with what appears to be some sort of pencil marks on it.

Crumpled paper will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder.

El Fatso CrispsEdit


El Fatso Crisps are a square, lime green packet with black and red writing on it. They make a distinct rustling sound when moved or bumped.

El Fatso crisps bags will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder.



Fatman is a grey/silver can with FATMAN written in blue and a nuclear mushroom cloud in yellow on the label. Fatman is almost certainly a brand of beer, though the label does not specify what type of beverage it is.



Jingopop is a red drink can with JINGOPOP in large red-blue text.

Paper CupEdit


The Paper Cup is an empty white beverage container containing light brown stains.

Paper cups will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder.

Shell CasingsEdit

Shell Casings are the remains of used ammunition rounds. Large amounts of shell casings usually indicate bullet holes nearby, that need to be welded before punching out of a level.

Shell casings will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder. Since the Laser Welder tends to push them away before it vaporizes them, they may be swept or mopped into a pile against a wall before welding.

  • ShellCasingPistol
    Pistol Shell
  • ShellCasingRifle
    Rifle Shell
  • ShellCasingShotgun
    Shotgun Shell

Water BottleEdit


The water bottle is an opaque light-blue/gray bottle with a white label containing the words "Glysian Springs" and "Alpine Dew".

Water bottles will be completely destroyed by the Laser Welder.

Other TrashEdit


  • Despite the fact that the sniffer does not detect them as trash, all Domestabots and droids that can be picked up must be disposed of in order to clean a level completely.
  • The game's developers considered adding a tool to pick up multiple shell casings at once, long before players suggested the idea. The tool would have been attracted to any metal object in the level, including wall panels, even pulling the player towards them. No explanation has been given for why it was never implemented.[1]


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