“Journeying Ever Deeper”
—Eldritch Oil

Unrefinery is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level Briefings Edit


This somewhat dilapidated oil refinery, as you know, was the victim to a recent 'incident'.

Unknown "Mantis" entities appear to have invaded from below the surface, where they were disturbed by facility operations.
They have almost certainly all been terminated by this point. Surely...

As always, Company protocols stipulate that you should operate efficiently and with discretion, in carrying out your custodial duties.

Work Safe. Work Smart. Work Hard!

Respawn brief Edit

Note: the spelling of "disappoint" shown below is as it is in-game.

A former colleague of yours has suffered a sudden death somewhere within the station.

We're not exactly sure what's going on down there, so be alert, possible entities may be involved.

Ensure the facilty is in working order and cleared of all possible signs of the 'incident'. Our benefactors will not accept further failure, do NOT dissapoint them...


The map consists of a small L-shaped corridor leading into a large open area containing level mechanics such as the Slosh-O-Matic and incinerator.

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VCD2 - wiki - Unrefinery - SS
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Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Stack crates in the designated area.
    • The game requires 40 crates to be stacked for full credit, out of approximately 48 present in the level.
  • Stack barrels in the designated area.
    • The game requires 50 barrels to be stacked for full credit, out of approximately 53 present in the level.
  • Find all 8 Personal Identification Devices, place them in the Punchomatic, and fill out reports.

Incident ReportEdit

Please see the "Punchomatic Cheat Sheet" located at:

Data LogsEdit

Date: 12/11/2184
Time: 03:42 GST
Identification: Dr. Jen Side
Title: Chemical Analyst

I've recommended the immediate dumping of our last batch. If my analysis is correct (and it always is), we're showing a 23% deficit in purity.

It gets worse, the tests show traces of organic compounds, living tissue. I thought maybe it's a dead worker, I mean, accidents happen, but no deaths have been reported and all staff are accounted for.

As soon as the batch has been dumped, I'm recommending security search the tanks, tunnels, pipes, everything!

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Tips and TriviaEdit


Explosive Barrel

  • Often green-coloured lighting can make it rather difficult to view messes on one's mop, especially as this level has plentiful quantities of bright green/yellow alien blood.
  • Unrefinery is one of only four levels confirmed to be on actual planets, the others being Athena's Wrath, Unearthly Excavation and Paintenance Tunnels.
  • Unrefinery contains several explosive barrels, which, when shot with the laser welder for long periods of time will explode, shooting several fireballs and creating large amounts of soot. The barrel itself will then melt into a small pile spotted with red/brown stains.
    • Explosive barrels also explode in the Incinerator, which is near the Barrel Stacking Area. This can cause a chain reaction if several explosive barrels are stacked already.

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