Work-site light

The work-site light illuminating a small area.

The work-site light is a special object appearing in some levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail. It can be spawned by the vendor only in Unrefinery and Penumbra. The work-site light can be brought to the Office with the Janitor's trunk.

Like the lantern, the sole purpose of the work-site light is to illuminate dark areas and allow the player to see certain locations otherwise too poorly-lit to view properly. The work-site light is actually slightly brighter than the lantern and can project light further. However, they can only project light in one direction. Unlike the lantern, the work-site light is for the most part indestructible (although it can still be destroyed by the incinerator and laser welder), and does not have any "off" mode.

The work-site light itself appears as a curved yellow, worn metal bar approximately a foot and a half tall, surrounding a small black box with a lens on one end. Light is projected from the lens on its front.

Light-tower Edit


The light-tower.

The light-tower is a similar variation of the work-site light. The tower itself consists of four lights, each consisting of the same small black box as the standard work-site light. These lights are supported by a worn yellow, metal framework with a low tripod near its base. The light-tower produces slightly more light at a wider angle than its smaller counterpart.